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Our history


FOUNDER: since 1976 by Francesco, Pietro & Biagio Patricola.


Around the year 1930 in our country there was a musical instruments factory located in our village, where different artisans worked (in that period this job was made almost all by hand).
At the end of the 2nd World War (1945) this factory was closed and the artisans started to work for some other Italian firms


From one of these artisans around the beginning of the 60’s we (Francesco, Pietro, Biagino) started to learn this job and in the 1976 we founded our company.

We design and manufacture all of our lines and we are constantly in contact with customers so we can test and improve our instruments continuously.

Our wood is naturally seasoned for 11/13 years without the aid of any machine, because we believe that this method (always used in the past) is the best and irreplaceable.

Our family

Today our family has increased with the arrival from few years of other members of the family “Patricola” for give continuity to our tradition and excellence, they are Angelo, Claudio and Salvatore, the 2nd Patricola generation.

Moreover we also have the help from two new “purchases” that are not from Patricola family: Sara and Davide and Mattia.

We strive continuously to try to satisfy all our customers. It is possible to see all phases of our work coming to visit us in our factory.
Patricola Brothers


Francesco, Pietro, Biagio, Angelo, Claudio, Salvatore, Sara, Davide, Mattia

Today our instruments are used and recognized throughout the world thanks to their quality.