Clarinet player, Giulio Cuseri, Luigi Picatto, Stefano Conzatti.

when you need more, “Artista” Gold – Silver or Gold plated.

Oboe Artista, player Francesco Quaranta.

Clarinet Artista, player Giulio Cuseri.

Clarinet Virtuoso

Live from the Verona Arena “The spectacle is about to begin” grand Gala of Lyric on Rai  June 2013 Orchestra of the Fondazione Arena di Verona Director Marcello Rota, Tenor Andrea Bocelli, Clarinet solo Stefano Conzatti, clarinet Patricola Virtuoso Gold.

Quality, Ergonomics, Innovation.

Il Legno

The natural drying of wood takes place over 15/20 years.

Il team Patricola

From several years other family members continue our tradition of excellence in manufacturing.

Gabriele Mirabassi