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CL.1 S (2018)

Clarinet Eb CL.1 2018

Once again we anticipate the times, the best clarinet for everyone.

The only one best Eb that you can play easy like a Bb.

Boehm system, 17 keys plus Eb lever (18 keys), 6 rings, articulated G# key* manually adjustable with the suitable screw.

Two barrels with different length included.

  • High quality raw materials.
  • Fine intonation and different colors of sounds allow you to explore new frontier.
  • Homogeneity on all the notes.
  • The execution of the notes is simple: this means that the “performance” of the musician can focus only on musicality and expression.
  • Very easy to play like an instrument that you play and know for some time, the ergonomics of the mechanics will give you a sense of comfort and unparalleled quietness.
  • Pads in leather of high quality for a perfect closure with double coating that allows a long duration ( 8-10 years ) of their life respect to a buffering of other type.
  • The mechanic is silver plated or gold plated on request for a longer life.
  • 100% made with different wood, naturally seasoned 15/20 years.
  • Lowest possibility of cracks in the wood.

Gold plated Keys