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Oboe Artista (2018)

New designe of 1st and 3rd octave keys, easier passage.

Oboe Artista Gold & Silver

New professional model.
The only oboe that when you play the sharp notes gives you a powerful sound.
Two versions of wood and three plating:
Silver plated, Gold & Silver, Gold plated.


PT.1 Artista (semiautomatic system)

Silver-plated keys, double F key (left hand F) and double low C key, 3rd octave key, forked F resonance key, low C to C# and low B to C# trill keys, C to Eb trill, C to E trill ring, Ab-Bb trill key, G#-A trill key, independent connection from low B to low C.

Other model available:

PT.3 (Italian system)

The main feature of this new oboe is the volume that is obtained not only in the low notes but also on the whole range of high notes.
All with a perfect intonation and emission.


  • High quality raw materials.
  • Fine intonation and different colors of sounds allow you to explore new frontier.
  • Homogeneity of all the notes on each instrument.
  • The execution of the notes is simple: this means that the “performance” of the musician can focus only on musicality and expression.
  • Very easy to play like an instrument that you play and know for some time, the ergonomics of the mechanics will give you a sense of comfort and unparalleled quietness.
  • Cork pads of high quality for a perfect closure, we use Portuguese cork.
  • The mechanic is coated with a thick layer of solid silver or gold for a longer life.
  • 100% made with different wood, naturally seasoned 15/20 years.
  • Lowest possibility of cracks in the wood.