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CL.3 A Virtuoso (2018)

Available in all markets.

Available only for US market.

A Clarinet, CL.3

The tradition consolidated over time.

Boehm System, 17 keys plus Eb lever  (18 keys), 6 rings.

Two barrels with different length.

High quality raw materials.

Fine intonation and different colors of sounds allow you to explore new frontier.

Homogeneity on all the notes.

The execution of the notes is simple: this means that the “performance” of the musician can focus only on musicality and expression.

Very easy to play like an instrument that you play and know for some time, the ergonomics of the mechanics will give you a sense of comfort and unparalleled quietness.

  • Pads in leather of high quality for a perfect closure with double coating that allows a long duration ( 8-10 years ) of their life respect to a buffering of other type.
  • The mechanic is silver plated or gold plated on request for a longer life.
  • Body 100% in wood.

Reduced possibility of fissures or cracks in the wood.