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Factoring process


Attention to to details. All instruments are made with the same care.

From eleven to thirteen years without the aid of any machine

The wood is naturally seasoned in our factory from 11 to 13 years without the aid of any machine because we believe that this method(always used in the past) is the best and indispensable to prevent the movement of the wood.

The wood face various internal and external processes taking away little pieces year after year until it reaches the final measures.

The wood

We manufacture the mechanics only with the quality materials and then carefully silver-plated (or gold-plated) in order to prevent wear.


All works are done by us 100%.

All works are done by us 100% to ensure the best quality, nothing is overlooked in order that all instruments are the best possible and long lasting.

Today our instruments are played and recognized all over the world thanks to their quality.

In most case we don’t know who will be the final customer because outside Italy our instruments are sold by specialized shops.

We think that the best advertising was made by the word of the customer, who is happy with the instrument used to talk about it with friends and acquaintances.

We believe (and recommend) that there is no better way if not try, to realize the quality and potential enclosed in our instruments.


We work to give you the best quality.